Travis County Emergency Services District #8


Catch and Match

The Pedernales Fire Department Auxiliary has launched a fund raising campaign, CATCH and MATCH, to install rainwater catchment systems at each of the three Pedernales Fire Department stations.

Prolonged drought in the region and the September 2011 wildland fire have highlighted the need for additional water resources for fighting fires in Western Travis County. Emergency Services District 8 does not have fire hydrants in most areas and even where they are available, the water pressure is insufficient for fire fighting purposes.

The CATCH AND MATCH  campaign was kicked off with a $1,000.00 donation by our neighbors, Willie and Annie Nelson. To date, the campaign has generated $10,525, with six matches and many smaller amounts. The Auxiliary has committed to begin installation at Station 3 on Paleface Ranch Rd.   In addition, the Auxiliary has additional funds from previous fund raising events to use for this purpose.  However, we are still a long way from our goal of $65,000.  Please help us ensure the safety of your neighbors and neighborhood.  Make your contribution today.

As always, thank each of you for your support.  The Auxiliary couldn’t do what we do without YOU!

Visit our web site: and donate or send contributions to PFD Auxiliary, 801 Bee Creek Rd., Spicewood 78669.

Matches ($1,000)
Mark Sitterle
Ron and Ernestine Palmer
Mickael and Rebecca Clark
Jim and Carolyn Strickland
Harper and Peter Rehme
Page Graves

Other Donations
Nancy Lambros
John and Carolyn Johnson
Rusty and Margaret Jedlicka
Restful Rentals
Mark Clements
Roderick Sellers
T. E. and Betty Brooks
Spencer and  Linda Berthelsen
Troy Lamb

From Gate Codes to the KNOX-BOX Rapid Entry System

Pedernales Fire Department is no longer using or supporting the use of gate codes for entry into private properties.  PFD will now be utilizing the KNOX BOX Rapid Entry System (you will still use whatever gate code you want; this is merely a peripheral system which piggybacks onto your existing one).  This key and lock system is very simple, secure, and is utilized throughout Travis County, as well as by more than 11,500 fire departments nationwide.  Once you have this system installed you will no longer need to be concerned with calling your gate code in to the fire department.  One of the major difficulties with the gate codes was that people would change their code but forget to call that change in to PFD.  Then, in the event of an emergency at your property, PFD doesn’t have your correct code, and our firefighters are delayed in gaining access to your property to help you.  Also, we rely on neighboring departments to assist us with larger emergencies; none of them will have your gate codes but ALL of them will have access to the KNOX BOX system.  The KNOX BOX Rapid Entry System is used throughout the country and many people who move here are familiar with them and prefer to have this entry system on their property.

For more information about the system, call Battalion Chief Wade Schmidtzinsky at 512-264-1476 during regular business hours, Monday thru Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm or send email to